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Capsule & Tablet Counter from STI.

Bottle Fill

The STI Tablet/Capsule Counter Machine is manufactured for precise counting of all types of capsules, tablets for bottle filling. The enhanced features of variable controlled counting speed and Dust Accumulating heightens the counting accuracy. It provides a Flap Nozzle for Non-Stop counting. It’s sensor is easily operated with a PLC touch screen.

          Capsule & Tablet Counting machine from Schaefer Technologies Inc. USA

• PLC control system. Easy operation by Touch screen
• Accurate Counting Speed: 600~1000 pcs/min
• Non-Stop counting divertor
• “ Keyence” high accuracy fiber sensor
• Easy control variable counting speed
• Memory slot for counting recall
• Stainless steel GMP design
• Choice of funnel sizes to suit container neck

New 2019 - Capsule or Table Counter from Schaefer Technologies Inc.


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