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Schaefer Technologies, Inc. has a long and successful history of manufacturing and delivering quality capsule filling machines and products to a variety of industries ranging from pharmaceutical, natural foods industries.

We are a leading capsule filling machine manufacturer, manufacturing and exporting quality automatic/semi-automatic capsule filling machines for pellets, tablets, powder, liquids and capsule/tablet inspection machines, capsule polishing machines for the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Industry. Products are supplied worldwide and we offer custom designs and OEM services which are always welcomed.



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NEW - STI Model 10 Ver. 4.2

 with HMI Touch Screen Control


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STI WIP (Wet-in-Place) ISOLATED LAB-CAP 3000


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Additional Products and Industries Served Some of our product listings include;
capsule sealing machine, capsule banding machinery, blister packaging machine, capsule/ tablet inspection machine, pharmaceutical machine/ machinery, pharmaceutical production equipment, tablet counter, capsule and tablet counting machinery, equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment, pharmaceutical
filling machine, liquid filling equipment, liquid filling system, industry pharmaceutical machine, automatic capsule filling machine, liquid filling machinery, pharmaceutical processing equipment, custom pharmaceutical machinery; equipment - manufacturer, supply, supplier, polishing machine, tablet making machine, sealing equipment, automatic sealing, blister packaging machine, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, blister packaging tablet press, tablet press, automatic tablet counting machine, In-Cap capsule filling machine, Over Encapsulation Machinery, Autoturb 3, Dietary Supplement Capsule Filling Machine,
Isolation Technology/Capsule Filling, semi-automatic capsule filling machine.

Schaefer Technologies, Inc. offers high quality capsule filling equipment for filling powders, beads,

and liquids into two-piece hard gelatin or vegetable based capsules. Let our machines take care of your cGMP concerns! Manufactured to meet Federal GMPs for Dietary Supplements and pharmaceutical-biotech cGMP







Schaefer Technologies
4901 W. Raymond Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46241
Phone:    (317) 241-9444
Toll Free: (800) 435-7174
Fax:        (317) 240-1273

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